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We are thrilled that you are interested to study with us. 

If you intend to study with us as an regular international student, read the information bellow. 


The information bellow are mostly for those who wants to attend a four years program. There are also information for exchange students. 


Classes run from February to June and from August to mid December, while other activities such as language courses, specific programs or subjects are offered throughout the year and during the Summer and Winter breaks. In order to be officially accepted, international students and visitors must comply with certain procedures, depending on the course or program they wish to enroll. Guest researchers or professors should contact the Office for International Affairs for specific information on their status and needs.


For admittance at UNIMEP for undergraduate studies you must comply with requirements that may vary according to your previous experience and the different programs you apply to.


  • Assessment Test (Vestibular/Processo Seletivo), in December or/and July.
  • Transfer from other institutions (in this case, you are exempted from the Assessment Test);

International students must show proof of proficiency in Portuguese, if they want to attend an official program and receive credit for it. For some programs, a working knowledge of Spanish is enough to attend this requirement. Once more, it's important for you to know that our classes are taught only in Portuguese.


Assessment Test

Step 01:

  • Take  the Assessment Teste;

Step 02:

Being Approved, you must have the documents bellow to enroll at the university:

  • Student Visa*
  • Copy of your passaporte and the visa;
  • Receipt of solicitation of  Foreigner National Register (Registro Nacional de Estrangeiros) issued by the Federal Police;
  • Highshool diploma (original and a version translated by a sworn translator). Also a receipt of equivalence issued by the State Educational Secretary (Secretaria Estadual de Educação) must be presented. Click here to get to know how to require this doc. (information avaliable only in portuguese);
  • Certificate of birth or Mariage  translated by a sworn translator and  with a stamp from the Brazilian consulate/embassy from your country of birth.

Transfer from other institutions

Documents required:

  •  Official Transcripts with the workload and grades for each subjects you have attended in a previous institution;
  • The syllabus or the subjects contents from the previous institution;
  • Certificate of enrollment from the previous institution. 

All this documents must be translated by a sworn translator and with a stamp from the brazilian conculate/embassy from your country of birth.

Besides, all the documents and procedures listed on "step 02" above is required to enroll at Unimep. 


- In the case of graduate (postgradute) studies, UNIMEP offers lato sensu specialization programs  stricto sensu programs (Master’s and Doctoral degrees) and Post-Doctoral opportunities in various academic areas. To be admitted into one of the programs at UNIMEP, there are specific requirements that vary from one field to another.

General Requirements

-          possession of an undergraduate university degree;

-          presentation of transcripts that will be analyzed for their content;

-          passing a graduate examination and evaluation of the curriculum vitae;

-          approval of a study plan (academic project);

-          personal interviews and acceptance by a University professor (adviser).

To be admitted to official programs, international students must have a valid visa, have the means to cover the costs of academic fees and personal expenditures (or receive a scholarship), show proof of proficiency in Portuguese or enroll in a language program at UNIMEP. There is also the possibility to attend Special Programs.


UNIMEP offers the possibility of developing specific courses and programs matching the individual needs or wishes of international visitors (students, professors, researchers and professionals). Students may develop their own academic, research or extension programs with the university support. These are non-degree or non-credit courses or programs, but students receive proper certification for their activities. These programs shall be developed under the guidance of a University professor (academic adviser).


Each of these courses and programs have specific costs. Once you have selected or developed the course or program of your choice, the Office for International Affairs will be able to inform you the costs of your studies. International students must be able to show that they have enough support to maintain themselves during the period of study. 


After the review of your documents by the Academic Office, international students wishing to study at UNIMEP will receive an official Letter of Acceptance, which will enable them to apply fa student visa at the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate, before travelling to Brazil.


All travelers to Brazil, except those of neighboring countries and people with special status (refugees, double citizenship, etc.) are required to have a passport valid for the whole period of stay and an entrance visa. A tourist visa may suffice for certain cultural activities, short stays up to three months or programs that do not require official enrollment as a student. Otherwise, a student or temporary visa (Temporary IV) must be obtained at the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate in your country of origin before travelling. 

Documents required:


- Valid Passport;

- Filled forms and payment of required fees

- Proof of Health Insurance and immunization;

- Information about previous police records or the equivalent;

- Proof of means of support (or scholarship);

- Letter of Acceptance from UNIMEP.

- A Letter of Recommendation introducing the student may be useful as well.


Once you have fulfilled all these formal requirements and have gone through the specific steps necessary for your participation as a student, researcher, professor or professional in one of the programs offered, the Office for International Affairs will provide more details on travel, transportation, accommodation and other questions you may raise.


We hope that in this general presentation you may find all the basic information you need concerning an international experience at UNIMEP. Please feel free to contact us at the Office for International Affairs at the address below, if you have any question. Good luck!