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Programa de Curta Duração: Missão Internacional em Negócios Globais - China - 2019

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Short Term Program with International Mission in Global Business


Methodist University of Piracicaba

In partnership with Washburn University - USA,
Wuhan University of Science and Technology - China
PXL University College - Hasselt, Belgium
Methodist University of São Paulo

The main objective of the course is to introduce students to international business practice, broadening participants' view of cultural differences and similarities in three continents: America, Europe and Asia.

In addition to studying how business is run in these three regions of the world, participants will be able to develop a practical project in multicultural teams involving students from the three continents.

The completion of the course will take place through an international study mission, at which time participants will complete the development of team projects within foreign companies.

It will bring cases of companies that look for solutions to real problems!

The presentation of the intervention proposals developed by the teams will be evaluated by foreign entrepreneurs, in addition to the professors responsible for the course at the universities involved.

Who is this program for:

- Professionals from all areas interested in knowing and doing international business
- Undergraduate and graduate students who seek to internationalize their curriculum by learning about culture and international business

Methodology used

Case study.

Participants should establish multicultural teams with students from other participating universities in order to carry out research and evaluation of problems presented by companies.

Faculties from the three universities involved should guide and supervise the work of the teams that will take place online.

The development of the projects will culminate with a short-term internship that will happen in the companies studied, which will allow a complete experience for the participants in the country, as well as greater socialization with teammates.

The 2019 program will take place in China.


Beginning of the course:

March 2, 2019 - Lecture 1. Presentation of the participants, formation of teams and presentation of the cases of the participating companies.

Team meetings. The meetings can be held by any technological means by mutual agreement amongst the participants for the preparation of the initial research on Chinese enterprises.

April 2, 2019 - Lecture 2. Meeting with faculties and teams to level work and travel arrangements

The study mission in China will take place from the 13 rd to the 29th of May, 2019 and will feature academic and cultural activities organized by Wuhan University.

Here are the schedule and activities scheduled for the trip:
May 13 - Travel São Paulo - Shanghai
May 14 - Travel
May 15 - Visit to Shanghai - Yu Garden, lunch and the Bund region, one of the most famous destinations in Shanghai

May 16 - Visit to the Shanghai Financial Center and the Shanghai Museum. Train trip to Beijing
May 17 - Visit to the Forbidden City, Temple of Paradise, handicraft factory
May 18 - Visit to the Chinese Wall, visit to the Silk Factory and the Ming Tombs
May 19 - Arrival in Wuhan and visit to the companies studied. Workshop presentation
May 20-25 - Work in the companies studied in Wuhan
May 26 - Visit to Hong Kong, Mount Victoria, the Great Buddha and Temple Street
May 27 - Visit to Macau
May 28 - Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong and Oporto
May 29 return to Brazil

Program Cost:

Registration in the amount of U$ 400.00 plus a parcel of R$ 126,00
Stay, tour guide and land transportation in China: cost estimated at U$ 1000.00
Airfare at the participant's expense
Food and documentation not included estimated at US $ 500 dollars

Evaluation process and certification

The evaluation process of the students will take place throughout the program, through deliveries requested by the faculties, and at the end of the program, an evaluation for the team work presented. It will also be evaluated by the companies representatives

Students who complete all activities will follow the certificate of participation issued by the three participating universities.


Prerequisites and application process

Applicants must have an advanced level of English and must submit an application form at the International Relations Office accompanied by a copy of the ID or passport, curriculum vitae and motivation letter to participate in the program.

Registration date: From October 15 to November 14, 2018
November 20, 2018 - Orientation meeting with Washburn University and Methodist professor
Until December 10, 2018 - Purchase of airline tickets and travel arrangements

Important: In this program the participant will not be allowed to travel alone, all participants must board the same flight, which will be presented and chosen by mutual agreement between the group on November 10, 2018

Professors in charge:

Dr. Karin Muller – Methodist University of Sao Paulo - Brazil

Dr. Michael Stoica - Washburn University – USA

Dr. Christoff Jans - PXL University College - Hasselt, Belgium

Dr Yunchuan Zhang - Wuhan University of Science and Technology – China

Organization: International Relations Office