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por Leonardo Oliveira de Almeida publicado 08/05/2018 15h27, última modificação 08/05/2018 15h29


The Faculty of Management and Business - FGN of Unimep, concerned with providing answers to the challenges, contributing to organizational innovation and global insertion in the regional context, offers the PPGA - Graduate Program in Administration. The PPGA is responsible for the Master's Degree Programs and Doctorate in Administration. The PhD course provides the training of researchers for scientific work, prioritizing the improvement of knowledge and the creation of new knowledge.

In this way, the Doctorate, in addition to contributing to local and regional development, fosters, through themes of research projects and scientific production, the reinforcement and generation of partnerships with civil society organizations and with the regional public power.

The FGN understands that the program will fill a gap between universities and companies in the region: train teachers for the teaching of Administration and contribute to meet the demand of third-level education by promoting quality education through dialogue between teaching, research and extension.

The Doctoral Degree in Administration offers an effective contribution to the training of researchers and teachers for the teaching of Administration, not only based on instrumental rationality, but for capacities that involve reason, emotion, sensibility, sense of justice, ethics , Solidarity and sustainability.



The main objective of the course is to train researchers in the area of Administration, with emphasis on the methodological and academic dimensions,

The institutional objectives of the program are:

A)   train researchers to collaborate with the quantitative and qualitative expansion of teaching in the area of administration;

B)   train teachers and researchers to work in the administration field, aiming to contribute to the improvement of the management and performance of organizations.

C)   generate and disseminate knowledge for theory and practice in administration;

D)   encourage the formation of networks of researchers;

E)   prioritize the study of themes related to the regional context.