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por Leonardo Oliveira de Almeida publicado 24/04/2018 17h34, última modificação 08/05/2018 15h29

Studies and Research Centers


  • History and Philosophy of Education

This Center aims to study and research the history of education and the philosophical foundations of educational theories and practices. Are their themes: historical background, philosophical and political education; epistemological, ethical and aesthetic theories of education; critical theory and education; history of school institutions; History educators subjects; history and philosophy of education reforms in Brazil and Latin America; new technologies and education. 

  • Teaching Work, Teacher Training and Education Policy

This Nucleus investigates problems related to teacher training and educational policies with its central theme the teaching, taken in its everyday and subjective dimensions as well as its socio-political conditions. Their investigations include from early childhood  education to higher education and seek to understand the teaching from four aspects: public policy, school organization and management, initial and continuing education, school routine. 

  • Educational Practices and Social Relations in the School Space and no School

Designing educational practices and social practices, the purpose of the core is to contribute to the understanding of the formation of the student subject in school and non-school conditions. The studies are mainly theoretical reference to historical-cultural approach and orient themselves to the investigation of human development processes; studies on education; educational work in different social contexts; special education; education and social inequalities; language, reading and writing; education in science and mathematics and environmental education.