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The Postgraduate Program in Human Movement Sciences (PPG-CMH), with Masters and Doctoral courses, was recommended with Grade 4 by the Coordination of Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) during the 140th Meeting of the Technical- Of Higher Education (CTC-ES), held from October 22th to 26th, 2012.

The Postgraduate Program in Human Movement Sciences (PPG-CMH) was based on a solid trajectory in the institutional scenario and in the Brazilian Postgraduate course, originating in the Master's degree in Physical Therapy and Master's Degree in Physical Education FACIS / UNIMEP.

The methodological dimension of the Human Movement Sciences is envisaged in relation to the different research methods, data acquisition, and analysis procedures, building interdisciplinary knowledge from Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Biomechanics and other related sciences.

The PPG-CMH has as object of study the Human Movement and was structured in two Areas of Concentration and four Lines of Research.


Area of Concentration: Biodynamics

  • Physiology and Sports Training
  • Functional Evaluation and Rehabilitation

Area of Concentration: Human Movement and its relations with Culture and Education

  • Movement and Leisure Pedagogy
  • Human Movement in Community Health


Target Audience

The Postgraduate Program in Human Movement Sciences offers Master's and PhD courses to professionals in the areas of Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medicine, Biological Sciences, Engineering, Psychology, Education and related fields . Human movement through interdisciplinarity is potentially capable of contributing to the improvement of the quality of life, promotion of healthy habits and full participation in society. Thus, the need for strategies, actions and public policies that meet the increasing demand for highly qualified professionals is evident. 



  • Produce knowledge related to the Sciences of the Human Movement;
  • Contribute to the development of teaching, research and extension on human movement in the interdisciplinary dimension;
  • Strengthening and solidifying the Stricto sensu Postgraduate program of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FACIS), originally composed of the Master's degree in Physical Education and Master's Degree in Physiotherapy;Development of human resources for action in higher education and in other segments of society;
  • Disseminate research carried out through publications of works in national and international periodicals, books, chapters, annals of national and international scientific events, of proven relevance in the area; As well as through participation in meetings of scientific societies, always seeking to interact and contribute to the development and improvement of the scientific level in Physical Education, Physiotherapy and related areas.