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  • Introduction to Production Engineering (compulsory subject for all students who do not have training in production engineering);
  • Scientific Research Methodology in Production Engineering (compulsory subject for all Master's students).



  • Maintenance Management
  • Production management
  • Life Cycle Assessment - LCA - Aspects Conceptual and Methodological
  • Performance Analysis of Production Systems
  • Conventional and Renewable Energy
  • Quality Engineering
  • Process Engineering Thermal Spraying
  • Business Strategies
  • Supply Chain Management and Industrial Logistics
  • Innovation management
  • Knowledge Management (KM) and Competitive Intelligence (CI)
  • Product Management
  • Project management
  • Strategic Maintenance
  • Quantitative Methods Applied to Industrial Engineering
  • Process Modeling and Business Systems ERP
  • New approaches in Project Management
  • Manufacturing Process Planning
  • Production Systems Planning
  • Planning, Programming and Production Control
  • Management and Decision Making Processes with BI tools (Business Intelligence)
  • Information systems
  • Production systems
  • Integrated Systems for Design and Manufacturing
  • Design techniques and Modeling Product
  • Theory of Queues and Simulation of Production Systems
  • Topics in Reverse Logistics, Green Logistics and Green Supply Chain Management
  • Topics in Strategic Operations Management
  • Topics in Logistics Management and Supply Chain
  • Topics in Environment, Energy and Clean Production
  • Topics in Quality Engineering
  • Product Engineering Topics
  • Topics in Engineering Proces