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 If you are applying to study at UNIMEP as an exchange student you must be from some of our partners worldwide. 

We are happy to receive you at UNIMEP and  in this regard, read the instructions bellow in order to get informed about how to proceed.


First of all, you must check at the international office of your institution if Unimep is a partner for exchange program. After that you must communicate your international office about you wish to study at Unimep. Your office will give you all the directions about the selections and criterias needed to study with us. 

Please check some forms that are mandatory for your applications:

  • Application: 

Application Form (English version)

Postulación Para Extrangeros ( en Español)

Formulário de inscrição para alunos estrangeiros

  • Study Plan

Study Plan Form (English version)

Plan de Estudios  (en Español)

After approved by Unimep you shall receive a Letter of Invitation, a mandatory document for you to get the student visa at a Brazilian Embassy/Consulate


All travelers to Brazil, except those of neighboring countries and people with special status (refugees, double citizenship, etc.) are required to have a passport valid for the whole period of stay and an entrance visa. A tourist visa may suffice for certain cultural activities, short stays up to three months or programs that do not require official enrollment as a student. Otherwise, a student or temporary visa (Temporary IV) must be obtained at the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate in your country of origin before travelling.

Documents required:

- Valid Passport;

- Filled forms and payment of required fees

- Proof of Health Insurance and immunization;

- Information about previous police records or the equivalent;

- Proof of means of support (or scholarship);

- Letter of Acceptance from UNIMEP.

- A Letter of Recommendation introducing the student may be useful as well.


Click on the links bellow and get specifics information about how to arrive at UNIMEP in Piracicaba and Santa Barbara D'Oeste

 Como llegar a Piracicaba/ Santa Barbara D'Oeste (en español)- Click here 



In the area where the university is located we have three main meals per day. For Breakfast people can eat: bread, black coffee, milk, cookies, fruits, butter, cheese, ham, cereal.

For lunch and dinner  almost everyday is eaten rice and beans, salad and some kind of meat but also pasta is popular, sandwiches and on the weekend is very common to have the Brazilian barbecue. Usually breakfast is between 6:00 and 7:00 am, lunch between 11:00 am and 12:30pm and dinner between 6:00 and 7:00 pm.


Our money name is Real. In Brazil you can buy  things with credit card in all most everywhere and the ones that are most accepted are VISA and Master Card and some places accepts American Express.

Health Insurance

It is very important to buy an international health insurance to the period the student will be in Brazil.

Weather and Clothes

During the   winter (June, July, august), the temperature is cold the average is  15º C but it can get down to 5º C.

From September to October the temperatures varies between cool and hot days and from November to March the temperature average is 32°C.

For winter is necessary to bring winter clothes, and when starts to warm up some light winter cloth and summer cloth.

Themost common cloth wore here is jeans, t-shirts. Dress cloth only to formal events. At the university the students wear jeans and t-shirt most of the time and when it is very hot descent summer cloth.

Cultural Costumes of the Brazilian People

Brazilian people in general are easy-going and very friendly. People talk to each other on the street even not knowing each other, everybody greet each other.

About the greetings when you meet a new person is very common people kiss each other on the cheek even man and woman. Brazilians take shower every day.


The city is safe you just have to be careful about not handling money in public not walk alone at dangerous places at night. All the cares you should have at any place in the world.


Students are required to live out campuses. 

Students can live in a shared house or a student shared house called "Republicas".

After your approval, you should get in contact with us and we well send instructions about housing in Piracicaba and/or Santa Barbara D'Oeste