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Campus Taquaral - Piracicaba

Business Administration:

The Professional Mastering of Business Administration is offered by the Faculty of Business and Management (FGN) of the Methodist University of Piracicaba and it is oriented to meet the needs of professionals who want to contribute with researches in the companies where they work, strengthening competitiveness in the region/market they are placed. Candidates must have strong interest in scientific research and in coaching people either in the company (business) or in the classroom. The Master program is among the 10 best evaluated in Brazil by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel  (in Portuguese: CAPES) in 2014.

Sciences of the Human Movement:

The Graduate Program of Scinces of the Human Movement (PPG-CMH), with Master's and Doctoral, was recommended with grade 4 by the Higher Education Personnel Improvement Coordination (CAPES) during the 140th Meeting of the  Scientific Higher Education Associates Council (CTC-ES), held from October 22 to 26 , 2012.

The PPG-CMH has as its object of study the Human Movement and it was structured in two fields of study: "Biodynamic" and "Human Movement and its relations with the Culture".


The Graduate Program of Law aims to train researchers, teachers and other professionals in the area of ​​legal knowledge, enabling them to be critical,  philosophically systematic and extensive study of juridical issues which contributes to the development of  the science of law.


The Program of Graduate Studies of Education is responsible for the Master's and Doctoral programs. It aims to train researchers, teachers and other professionals in this field of knowledge. 

From the  academic / pedagogical point of view, since 1997 the program  organization and its activities of teaching, researching/ extension and orientation, at both the master and the doctorate, are concentrated in two main fields :  "Educational and Pedagogical Processes theories" and "Politics and History of Education".

Campus - Santa Barbara d'Oeste

Production Engineering:

The objectives of the Graduate Program of Production Engineering has the following objectives:

Training human resources with expertise in scientific and technological research (R & D); 

Promoting the integration of the University with companies in the region;, 

Contributing to the growth of the technological level of the productive sector; 

Advising business entities, unions, government and other organizations about the process of technological modernization.