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Universidad del Latin American Educational Center (UCEL) - with one million inhabitants in its municipal distance, beyond the "Big Rosario", the city of Rosario dispute inch by inch with of Cordoba the condition of  second largest city in Argentina. It is located 300 km in the north of Buenos Aires, and it is connected by one of the best roads of Argentina, the city lies on the banks of the Parana River, through which takes place the waterway stretching from the interior of São Paulo to Buenos Aires and which Piracicaba is part. Rosario is the Latin American headquarters of the UNESCO program "Educating Cities"  Also it is home to other major international organizations such as the Mercocities Network.


Universidad Católica del Norte - founded in 1956 the Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN) has its main campus in the city of Antofagasta in the north of the country with six faculties, the university also has 3 more campuses Coquimbo, San Pedro de Atacama and Sierra Vicuña Mackenna. The courses offered at UCN are heterogeneous comprising the area of ​​health, engineering, law and management.


Germany is one of the leaders of the European Union and the G8 countries, the group of the most developed nations of the world. It has a large cultural and educational tradition.  The German universities allow taking specialization and doing interdisciplinary research in a multitude of topics. It is recommended  the knowledge of German.

  • Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUD) - the Darmstadt Technical University is characterized by education and research in technological areas. Led by SCPM Laboratory atUnimep, the agreement with TUD promotes student exchanges, joint research and events in the field of Engineering.
  • Fraunhofer IPK - as part of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, the Fraunhofer Institute IPK is headquartered in Berlin, and develops a series of research in mechanical engineering with an emphasis on projects in the automotive area. This project involves the SCPM Laboratory at Unimep and is aimed at projects involving innovation, technological development and provision of services to companies.
  • Technische Universität Berlin - TU Berlin is an internationally renowned university, located in the German capital, in the heart of Europe. The focuses of its activities are the outstanding achievements in research and teaching, the excellent qualifications of the trainees and modern management. Its search for the advancement of science and technological process is guided by the principles of excellence and quality. 


  • Ayoma Gakuin University -  It is a Japanese Christian University in Shibuya near Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan. The university has four campuses: Aoyama, Sagamihara, Midorigaoka and Machida.. Founded in 1949, it is one of the most prestigious private universities in Japan.
  • Nagasaki Wesleyan University - located in Isahaya, in the district of Nagasaki, the university has a traditional and lasting partnership with UNIMEP in cooperation agreement which explores the language and culture of both countries.


Universidad Madero - UMAD –  is a Methodist university located in the city of Puebla, with which Unimep keeps an important agreement. It is one of the leading institutions of  the Latin-American  Association of Methodists Institutions of Education (ALAIME), developing its leadership especially in the Central American region. The partnership between Unimep and UMAD focuses more on the area of communication, sports and  business administration, especially in marketing area. The Partnerships in these areas are openned to undergraduate and graduate students, and involve teachers, researchers and business partners.


University of Algarve (UAlg) - founded in 1976, UAlg has 4 campuses located in the city of Faro and Portimão. At UAlg there are three colleges that bring together the various courses in the area of health, humanities and engineering. The university is located in the southeastern region of Portugal one of the most touristic in the country.


Universidad de Sevilla - located in the ancient city of Seville, in southern of Spain, the Universidad de Sevilla was founded in the sixteenth century in 1505 and is listed as one of the best universities in the country, as well as the second largest. With several campuses in the city of its birth the Universidad de Sevilla deserves high distinction for its process of internationalization. Among the main areas of cooperation with UNIMEP stand out Architecture and Urban Planning, Law and Physical Education.


  • Centenary College is located in Shreveport, Louisiana. The college is affiliated with the United Methodist Church.
  • Ferrum College is a college located in Ferrum, Virginia, USA.
  • LaGrange College is the oldest private college in Georgia and it is located in LaGrange, Georgia.
  • Marietta College - Unimep has developed strong ties to Marietta College from exchange visits; after years of positive exchange, it signed up a cooperation agreement that has brought many teachers and students of this institution to Brazil, opening the opportunity for students and teachers from Unimep to go the United States. Initially, the most direct areas are the areas of languages, business management and leadership training, in which Marietta has excellent programs, also having prospects in the petroleum engineering area.
  • Lincoln Nebraska Wesleyan University is a university located in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States.
  • Oklahoma City University is a university historically affiliated with the United Methodist Church and  it is located in the Uptown district of the city of Oklahoma City in the US state of Oklahoma.
  • Wesleyan College is a college for women located in Macon, Georgia, United States.
  • West Virginia Wesleyan College is ranked as the best college in the southern region and is located in Buckhannon, West Virginia, United States.


Soochow University - located in Taipei, it was officially founded as a university in 1971. It has two large campuses to near the Tapei district. The main teaching areas are: political science, law, business and philosophy.